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Call for Nominations for the next CS Dean

Invitation: UPD-CS-IESM Research Seminar on April 8, 9-11AM

The University of the Philippines Diliman College of Science-Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology is inviting you to a short research seminar on 8 April 2022 starting at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM with the theme "Flow and Transport Processes in the Natural Environment and Agricultural Ecosystem".

No registration fee is required. The details of the Zoom meeting are as follows:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 849 3902 2790

Passcode: 86345291

For further details of the seminar (e.g. topics to be covered). Click here to view the detailed program flow.

IESM 19th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

IESM invites you to the virtual celebration of the 19th IESM Anniversary with the theme: IESM in the New Normal on April 4, Monday at 4:00 PM.

To register here is the link:, please be guided that through this registration, you are automatically a participant in the RAFFLE and BINGO game so register until 12:00 PM, Monday, April 4.

JOB VACANCY: IESM accepts application for Junior Research Associate

The Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology at the University of the Philippines – Diliman is accepting applications for Junior Research Associate position.

Congratulations to Dr. Gerry Bagtasa: UP Scientist CY 2020-2022

IESM congratulates the UP Scientist CY 2020-2022: Dr. Gerry Bagtasa!

Congratulations Dr. Mylene Cayetano!

Congratulations to Dr. Mylene G. Cayetano for being awarded as 2021 Outstanding ASIAN Science Diplomat. Your IESM family is very proud!

The Laboratory for Genomic Effects on Nature by Environmental Stressors is accepting applications for Graduate / Research Assistant

The Laboratory for Genomic Effects on Nature by Environmental Stressors (GENES) of IESM is accepting applications for Graduate / Research Assistant position.

For more details click here.

Schedule and Links for the Search Committee Activities

Schedule and Links to Search Committee Activities for the next IESM Director. We strongly encourage our Faculty, REPS, Staff, Students, and other stakeholders to actively participate in the process and the activities.
22 June 2021,
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM : IESM General Assembly for the report of the outgoing director and presentation of vision/program by nominees. registration link 
11:00 AM - 12:00 AM : Interview with stakeholders (Faculty, REPS, Staffs, Students, others) Part 1 registration link
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM : Interview with stakeholders (Faculty, REPS, Staffs, Students, others) Part 2 registration link
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM : Interview with nominee
23 June 2021,
5:00 PM : Submission of report to the Dean
Note: For the scheduled interviews with IESM stakeholders as indicated please be advised to PRE-REGISTER by filling out the google form accessible through the this pre-registration link

Download PDF copy of Schedule and links here and Credentials of Nominee here.

Thank you and see you,


Congratulations Dr. Gay Jane P. Perez!

IESM congratulates our very own Dr. Gay Jane P. Perez for being awarded the 2021 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist for Satellite Technology (Physics). Your IESM family is very proud!


Application for Graduate Programs for AY 2021-2022 is ongoing. For interested applicants, kindly visit application requirements. For regular applicants, the deadline is on May 31, 2021, and for DOST applicants the deadline is on June 30, 2021.

For more info, kindly email or

ASTHRDP Scholarship Application for 1st Semester AY:2021-2022

DOST Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resources Development Program 2021 is now accepting applications for 1st semester AY 2021-2022. For interested applicants the deadline of application is on June 30, 2021. For more efficient processing of documents, they are implementing an ONLINE PROCESSING for ASTHRDP scholarship application. All requests must be made through the provided google form. The instructions and links to the forms can be found in the CS website under the scholarships tab


Webinar:"Understanding Changes in Tropospheric Chemistry Through Ground-based Measurements and Remote Sensing Techniques"

A webinar entitled: "Understanding changes in tropospheric chemistry through ground-based measurements and remote sensing techniques" will be conducted on 27 April 2021, 9:00 AM - 12:00 NN. This webinar aims to disseminate project outputs and provide information on the status of our air quality. It will also showcase studies and initiatives that highlight the important applications of remote sensing techniques to better understand changes in tropospheric chemistry in the region in the absence of and/or to complement measurements from ground-based stations.

The webinar will be streamed live via UP-IESM facebook page. See you!

Click here to visit the link and register.


Ringor: Fullfilment not Perfection

(April 15) ― “As an environmental scientist, the environment plays an important role in the success of society,” Cherry L. Ringor, PhD, said.

Career aces. As environmental scientist, she had in mind the society’s welfare, particularly the Philippine society when she put together the Portable Potable Water Equipment for Disasters and Emergencies (PWEDE) project.

Ringor is the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the UP Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM). She is also head of the UP IESM Earth Surface Materials and Processes Laboratory. And she is the latest woman scientist celebrated by the College of Science (CS).

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Empowered Women in Science: Dr. Cherry L. Ringor

Growing up with parents who used to work in science, Dr. Cherry Ringor naturally found it easier to study science herself. This paved the way for a science-related education and eventually, a career as a geologist.

Taking up BS Geology in UP Diliman back in 1991 was a challenge for Dr. Ringor. At that time, the program was still new in the Philippines so there was no “backgrounder” about it back in high school and only a few schools offered it. Geology was also often stereotyped as a course for the men, but she was one of the women who took up the challenge to explore a male-dominated field.

Dr. Ringor took up masters in UP Diliman and her doctorate degree in Kanazawa University, Japan. Now the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM), she has spent 25 years working in the academe as a scientist and educator. Her research interests include sedimentology, coastal morphology and marine geology.

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Updated UP Diliman Post-ECQ Guidelines

In response to the current surge in COVID-19 cases and the spread of new variants, the UP Diliman COVID-19 Task Force requires stricter implementation of and compliance with health and safety protocols in the workplace and community.

The Updated UP Diliman Post-ECQ Guidelines reflect new restrictions outlined in the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution 104 (March 20, 2021) and Quezon City's supplemental guidelines (March 14, 2021).

These guidelines are designed to prevent further virus transmission in the community and will be in place from March 22 to April, 2021 and until further revised.

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Sierra Madre deforestation cancels gains of greening program

Deforestation in the Sierra Madre in northern Luzon has canceled out the gains of the National Greening Program (NGP), according to scientists who observed satellite data in the past two decades to assess the results of the government’s massive reforestation project.

(a) Map of Northern Luzon showing the locations of the different land cover types as classified by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), and forest losses from 2001 to 2010 (in blue) and 2011 to 2018 (in red) using Hansen et al.’s data; (b) Annual forest losses from 2001 to 2018 in both open forest (light green) and closed forest (green); and (c) Annual forest losses within NGP sites.


Scientists from the University of the Philippines (UP) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States said continued forest loss amid reforestation efforts highlighted the urgency to implement environmental laws as well as the greater need to protect and conserve the country’s remaining forests.

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UP IESM holds month-long webinar series on environmental and meteorological issues in the Philippines

The UP Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UP IESM) is celebrating its 18th anniversary this March with a month-long webinar series on different issues and aspects of environmental science and meteorology in the Philippines.

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IESM accepts application for Faculty Position and Professorial Fellow

The Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology at the University of the Philippines – Diliman is accepting applications for Faculty Position and Professorial Fellow in the areas of Terrestrial Ecology, Earth Science, Meteorology and Environmental Science.

Dr. Gay Jane Perez of the IESM is the Deputy Director General of the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA). 

Read more: UPDate Diliman

New Year’s Eve Air quality over the NCR during the General Community Quarantine, 2020

Despite the prohibition on the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnics
in the National Capital Region, the New Year’s Eve air quality over the NCR during the General
Community Quarantine has shown improvement compared to previous years, even though peaks were
observed during the first two to three hours onset of the New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Call for donation

For those who want to help, link of organizations containing details for in-kind and monetary donations for the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses in Bicol, Isabela and Cagayan is embedded in this post.

Congratulations to the UP Scientists CY 2019-2021

IESM congratulates the UP Scientists CY 2019-2021: Dr. Gay Jane Perez, Dr. Mylene Cayetano, and Dr. Benjamin Vallejo.

The HydroEcology Laboratory accepts application for University Research Associate 1 (URA 1)

The HydroEcology Laboratory of IESM is accepting applications for University Research Associate 1 (URA 1) position.

The MMRSL accepts application for Research Assistant (RA)

The MMRSL of IESM is accepting applications for Research Assistant (RA) position.

IESM's Statement Regarding Manila Bay Beach Nourishment

Environmental Impacts of Dolomite Sand on the Marine Environment of Manila Bay
(Understanding the Ecology and Hydrology of Manila Bay)

Manila Bay is a natural heritage of immense value to culture, science, and the Filipino people. As the idea of the Filipino nation started on its shores, the City of Manila and the view of its shores were last seen by Filipinos, heroes of their own land, as they went on to continue the struggle for freedom and in some cases exile. The Filipino people and their government are obliged to protect and rehabilitate this environment. A recent action made for the rehabilitation was the beautification of Manila Bay through artificial shore enhancement or beach nourishment. Based on the information given by the DENR website1, the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program has three phases: (1) Cleanup/Water Quality Improvement, (2) Rehabilitation and Resettlement, and (3) Education and Sustainment. DENR is one of the Supreme Court mandamus agencies that was ordered to implement the Operational Plan for the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy (OPMBCS) 2017- 2022. The OPMBCS pushes for the clean-up, rehabilitation, and preservation of Manila Bay to restore and maintain its waters as a Class SB (i.e. recreational and fishery waters). Looking closer at the details of the rehabilitation program, each activity seems to have been carefully considered and appears appropriate for the implementation of OPMBCS. However, it was also evident that beautification or beach nourishment was not the priority. To understand further the issue of Manila Bay, we need to see it from a scientific perspective.

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Special webinar celebrating Dr. Joey Comiso's 80th birthday

A special webinar highlighting the studies that have led to a greater understanding of the state of our climate and environment will be conducted on 22 September 2020, 8:00-11:00 AM to celebrate Dr. Joey Comiso's 80th birthday. You may join and register for the webinar by visiting the website.

AY 2020-2021: Deadline of application for IESM graduate program admission


For those with DOST-ASTHRDP ScholarshipJune 15, 2020 (Monday)

For regular application: June 30, 2020 (Tuesday)



Applicants can download admission forms at the College of Science website.
Submission of admission forms is at the College of Science Graduate Office.
Applicants should prepare for an interview via Zoom. Interview schedule will be announced.

DOST Scholarships

College of Science Graduate Office is now accepting DOST Scholarship applications for 2nd Semester AY2019-2020. Deadline for submission is on September 13 (Friday). Other details and requirements are on the College of Science ADMAPA.

Recognition program for Scholars

College of Science announces the schedule of Recognition program for scholar will be on April 5, 2019 at National Science Complex Amphitheater.

YMC Fourth International Science and Planning Workshop

After the success of the 3 previous meetings in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, the 4th International Science and Planning Workshop will meet in the Philippines, to address the following

1. Science talks
2. Coordination of the coming intensive observing periods
3. Data Management

To know more about the workshop, see the slideshow below.

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The Tropical Western Pacific Climate by Dr. Deborah Tangunan

Everyone is invited to the Dr. Deborah Tangunan's talk entitled, "The Tropical Western Pacific Climate" on 21st of February 2019, 9AM at IESM Auditorium.


WMO reconfirmed IESM's status as Regional Training Centre

(Jan.22)—The UP Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM) is still a World Meteorological Organization-Regional Training Centre (WMO-RTC) after its reconfirmation on Dec. 19.

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Climate Reconstructions of the Terrestrial Water Cycle by Dr. Ibarra

Everyone is invited to the Dr. Daniel E. Ibarra's talk entitled, "Climate Reconstructions of the Terrestrial Water Cycle" on 16th of January 2019 at IESM Auditorium 4PM.

Congratulations Dr. Gay Jane Perez!

IESM congratulates its Deputy Director for Research & Extension, Dr. Gay Jane Perez for winning the 2018 ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women and as the first Filipina to win the said title.

UP Resilience Institute’s latest featured expert is IESM’s Deputy Director for Research, Dr. Gerry Bagtasa