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Innovation Research Fair 2024

The College of Science Innovation Committee under the Science and Society Program (SSP), in coordination with OADRIDE, OADSAPA, and TTBDO, is inviting CS constituents to attend the INNOVATION-RESEARCH FAIR 2024 ⚡ on April 29-30, 2024 at the Institute of Biology Auditorium.
Interested participants may pre-register for the event through the link: on or before April 25, 2024 (Thursday).
For questions and concerns, kindly contact us through

Dangal ng PMS Award 2024

Photo c/o Ariel Rojas

It is with a great pleasure and pride that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Prisco D. Nilo for being awarded the prestigious 2024 Dangal ng Meteorolohista at Siyentista (PMS).

Your unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Nilo, serves as an inspiration to all aspiring scientists and meteorologists in our country. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and the impact you continue to make in the field of science.

Meet the Speakers of the upcoming ACES 2023 Conference


IESM recently concluded the Advanced Meteorology Training for EMB technical staff

The Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM) have recently concluded the Training on Advanced Meteorology and its Impact to. Read more.

IESM’s BA Racoma Awarded CS Most Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate, Class of 2023

Bernard Alan “BA” Racoma has been honored as the College of Science Most Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate for the Class of 2023. Read more.

ACES 2023 Site Now Live

Check out this year’s Annual International Conference on Environmental Science (ACES) website to keep posted on announcements, guidelines, and calls ahead of the conference. Read more.

11th Annual International Conference on Environmental Science (ACES 2023)

The 11th Annual International Conference on Environmental Science (ACES 2023) will be held from November 8-10 at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Iligan City. ACES is an international conference that brings together researchers, academics, and practitioners to discuss the latest advances in environmental science, practice, and policy. This year’s conference will focus on the theme of “Environmental Justice and Peace: Environmental Science as a Catalyst for Change and Innovations”. Read more.

Consultation for the Development of Guideline Values for Additional Hazardous Air Pollutants

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), facilitated a consultation for the Development of Guideline Values for Additional Hazardous Air Pollutants on 23 February 2023 in the University of the Philippines Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, Quezon City. The agenda included the presentation and review of the draft National Ambient Air Quality Guideline Values for the additional hazardous air pollutants and criteria air pollutants, including particulate matter with a diameter of 10 micrometers or smaller (PM10). Read more.

Medical Management Training for Stranded Marine Mammals held at MMRSL-IESM

The Marine Mammal Research & Stranding Laboratory of IESM together with the PMMSN hosted a hybrid (F2F and virtual) Medical Management for Stranded Marine Mammals: Clinicopathologic, Diagnostic Imaging and Necropsy Training last September 5 to 6, 2022. A select 22 veterinarians throughout the Philippines participated in the F2F mode while the rest of the other 30 vets were engaged virtually. The main objective of the training was to increase the capacity of local veterinarians in conducting medical management and postmortem examination of stranded marine mammals in the Philippines. Read more.

Latest Simultaneous Dugong Monitoring in Calawit Show Promising Results

UP-IESM through its Marine Mammal Research & Stranding Laboratory (MMRSL), together with C3-Philippines conducted its yearly Simultaneous Dugong Monitoring (SDM) activity from 18 to 19 June 2022 in Calawit Island, Busuanga, Palawan. Sixty-eight (68) local volunteers from Bantay Dugong, Nurutan Yang Calamian Tagbanua Yang Calawit May Quezon (NTCQ) councils, and Busuanga Eco-Warriors participated as observers (citizen scientists) in the activity. Read more. 

Latest small cetacean surveys in the southern Tañon Strait Protected Seascape (TPSP)

Last July 21-24, 2022, UP-IESM through its Marine Mammal Research & Stranding Laboratory (MMRSL) conducted boat surveys for small cetaceans in the southern Tañon Strait Protected Seascape (TPSP) under its DOST-PCAARRD funded project "Assessment and mobilization of research initiatives on Philippine marine mammals (PHL MarMams)”. Read more. 

Irrawaddy dolphin found dead in Bicol

First sighting of the Irrawaddy dolphin in Bicol was confirmed by Dr. Lemnuel V. Aragones. The female sub-adult dolphin was found dead on August 16, 2022, along the coast of Calabanga town, Camarines Sur. Bicol region is one of the only three areas (including Region 6 and Malampaya Sound) in the Philippines where the species is documented to occur. Read more.

Congratulations to Dr. Gerry Bagtasa: UP Scientist CY 2020-2022

IESM congratulates the UP Scientist CY 2020-2022: Dr. Gerry Bagtasa!

Congratulations Dr. Mylene Cayetano!

Congratulations to Dr. Mylene G. Cayetano for being awarded as 2021 Outstanding ASIAN Science Diplomat. Your IESM family is very proud!

Congratulations Dr. Gay Jane P. Perez!

IESM congratulates our very own Dr. Gay Jane P. Perez for being awarded the 2021 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist for Satellite Technology (Physics). Your IESM family is very proud!

Ringor: Fullfilment not Perfection

(April 15) ― “As an environmental scientist, the environment plays an important role in the success of society,” Cherry L. Ringor, PhD, said.

Career aces. As environmental scientist, she had in mind the society’s welfare, particularly the Philippine society when she put together the Portable Potable Water Equipment for Disasters and Emergencies (PWEDE) project.

Ringor is the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the UP Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM). She is also head of the UP IESM Earth Surface Materials and Processes Laboratory. And she is the latest woman scientist celebrated by the College of Science (CS).

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Empowered Women in Science: Dr. Cherry L. Ringor

Growing up with parents who used to work in science, Dr. Cherry Ringor naturally found it easier to study science herself. This paved the way for a science-related education and eventually, a career as a geologist.

Taking up BS Geology in UP Diliman back in 1991 was a challenge for Dr. Ringor. At that time, the program was still new in the Philippines so there was no “backgrounder” about it back in high school and only a few schools offered it. Geology was also often stereotyped as a course for the men, but she was one of the women who took up the challenge to explore a male-dominated field.

Dr. Ringor took up masters in UP Diliman and her doctorate degree in Kanazawa University, Japan. Now the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM), she has spent 25 years working in the academe as a scientist and educator. Her research interests include sedimentology, coastal morphology and marine geology.

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Updated UP Diliman Post-ECQ Guidelines

In response to the current surge in COVID-19 cases and the spread of new variants, the UP Diliman COVID-19 Task Force requires stricter implementation of and compliance with health and safety protocols in the workplace and community.

The Updated UP Diliman Post-ECQ Guidelines reflect new restrictions outlined in the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution 104 (March 20, 2021) and Quezon City's supplemental guidelines (March 14, 2021).

These guidelines are designed to prevent further virus transmission in the community and will be in place from March 22 to April, 2021 and until further revised.

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Sierra Madre deforestation cancels gains of greening program

Deforestation in the Sierra Madre in northern Luzon has canceled out the gains of the National Greening Program (NGP), according to scientists who observed satellite data in the past two decades to assess the results of the government’s massive reforestation project.

(a) Map of Northern Luzon showing the locations of the different land cover types as classified by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), and forest losses from 2001 to 2010 (in blue) and 2011 to 2018 (in red) using Hansen et al.’s data; (b) Annual forest losses from 2001 to 2018 in both open forest (light green) and closed forest (green); and (c) Annual forest losses within NGP sites.


Scientists from the University of the Philippines (UP) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States said continued forest loss amid reforestation efforts highlighted the urgency to implement environmental laws as well as the greater need to protect and conserve the country’s remaining forests.

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Dr. Gay Jane Perez of the IESM is the Deputy Director General of the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA). 

Read more: UPDate Diliman

Congratulations to the UP Scientists CY 2019-2021

IESM congratulates the UP Scientists CY 2019-2021: Dr. Gay Jane Perez, Dr. Mylene Cayetano, and Dr. Benjamin Vallejo.

DOST Scholarships

College of Science Graduate Office is now accepting DOST Scholarship applications for 2nd Semester AY2019-2020. Deadline for submission is on September 13 (Friday). Other details and requirements are on the College of Science ADMAPA.

WMO reconfirmed IESM's status as Regional Training Centre

(Jan.22)—The UP Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM) is still a World Meteorological Organization-Regional Training Centre (WMO-RTC) after its reconfirmation on Dec. 19.

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Congratulations Dr. Gay Jane Perez!

IESM congratulates its Deputy Director for Research & Extension, Dr. Gay Jane Perez for winning the 2018 ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women and as the first Filipina to win the said title.

UP Resilience Institute’s latest featured expert is IESM’s Deputy Director for Research, Dr. Gerry Bagtasa