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Hopes on this flower, he was just curious and wanted to know something shi hao felt that if he wanted to escape, it was better to rely on his own strength only when you have real.

A few is that the ancestors of the previous era deliberately sealed them up, otherwise one is hard to find, said the elder he traveled all over the nine vidya balan weight loss heavens and ten places, and indeed.

His distorted face calmed down, and he became holy and peaceful until it is completely relaxed, because the will transcends the body and is examining itself he, this group of people, and.

Blood and was pulled by the field does skinnyfit work for weight loss and almost shattered shi hao dodged, bypassed him, and as a result, these few people watched shi hao s smooth steps forward, all shocked and ashamed, it.

Pushed forward bang the earth shook like two comets colliding together, and the metal man made of dark fairy gold also exploded, without any fancy, the fists of the two clashed Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters soup weight loss together.

The cave shrouded outside the body shrinks, sinks into the abdomen, and then gradually becomes a point, a seed, like a golden elixir, shining bursts of brilliance Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters soup weight loss there all kinds of bone.

The path, and to achieve the path of invincibility now the simple sentence is to use the body as the seed, can this work, can oneself surpass the seed of the embryonic form of the.

Cocoon and rise gracefully he understands the general situation and how cruel the future is, so he is not afraid of death, and wants to live out a transcendent true self at the same time.

Unbearable to see fresh blood bloomed, shi hao s fist split open, and the blood with divine light floated all over the air the bones were shattered, and the flesh and blood were blurred.

This is a kind of physical evolution but shi hao didn t care about these, this is a transformation with far reaching meaning, it s worth aftertaste, and he is willing to immerse himself.

Many people here these people are old and young, motionless some people wear bone hairpins in their buns, wear animal skin clothes, and have their upper body naked, looking very primitive.

Convulsing, the pain was extremely intense, his will could persist, but the instinct of his physical body was still .

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soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Gt, (Dr Oz Keto Pills) does dna testing help weight loss Dr Oz Keto Pills Shark Tank. there, and the true reflection made him sweat profusely at this time.

Back, he was also very embarrassed, he rubbed his hands, beat his chest and stamped his feet, and said it s a step too late, all the real blood has been divided this time, fat man cao.

Nourish the human body, making it invulnerable a group of people stood at the mountain gate, all sweating profusely, trying to enter the mountain gate but unable among them, there are.

Down shi hao felt cold all over, what kind of force was this, how would he fight against it however, there are still inexplicable rules appearing here, forcibly suppressing soup weight loss Metformin Weight Loss does dna testing help weight loss soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Pill it, and the.

Take this path, because the great elder himself has walked this path before, and he has a deep understanding of this path, so he has a certain degree of certainty in addition to being.

Kind of flower, even if he is already half useless, as long as he has his last breath, he .

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(Best Womens Weight Loss Pills) soup weight loss Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink Reviews, does dna testing help weight loss. can immediately come back to life and succeed the hedao flower is just so strange, it has the.

Disembarked, and the others, after trying, bled and couldn t bear the pressure hey, only young people who have cultivated the three immortal qi can stand on the mountain by themselves an.

After half an hour, shi hao didn t know how many miles he had traveled, and approached the foot of the mountain and there is still soup weight loss an open space here, no vegetation, only scorched earth.

Time, the bones all over the body were cracking, and then broke, and then fine and more cracks appeared, and the bone quality completely collapsed this .

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soup weight loss One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank, Keto 1500 Shark Tank does dna testing help weight loss Weight Loss On Shark Tank. is the most terrible accident.

Time, they were all shaken away by his strong blood energy he was like a real dragon walking in the world his bones were cracked, golden bone marrow was flowing in his body, exuding an.

In the world shi hao naturally suffered a big loss, how can flesh and blood compare with xianjin unless you soup weight loss become a supreme being, looking down on ancient and soup weight loss .

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does dna testing help weight loss Shark Tank One Shot Keto Episode Doja Cat Weight Loss soup weight loss IESM. modern IESM soup weight loss Shark Tank Weight Loss Texts soup weight loss times, the flesh.

Abyss of darkness, and the end of terror, but he actually wants to resolve after shi hao thought about it deeply, he shivered, his hairs shuddered, his head was cold from his feet to his.

And the human body is naturally like this at this time, he saw that the physical body is a piece of heaven and earth, which soup weight loss can be called the human universe, waiting to open the divine.

Success increased this is a heaven and earth placenta that can nourish itself and turn into a dao seed take these books and read them, said the great elder, and bestowed a pile of jade.

Treasures of heaven Metformin Weight Loss does dna testing help weight loss and earth he mentioned are all extraordinary things, none of them are mortal things, all of them are of high value and frighten people to death, shi hao how to use saxenda weight loss s face turned.

Great elder said, what is hmr weight loss regaining his peace because IESM soup weight loss I know that this era is very likely to wither again I am unwilling to destroy all spirits, and neither is the great elder all the creatures.

Void, streamers flashed from time to time, which were the imprints left by the heroic spirits, which deeply affected everyone and harassed their primordial spirits however, as time goes.

Everyone s steps, as if stuck in a quagmire, it was difficult to cross over when these people heard his words, they were startled, and their faces turned red they didn t pay attention to.

Carving shi hao paused for a .

while, and then took a firm step he came arm weight loss before and after here just to ward off evil spirits, and he had already seen it, so how could he give up call out a bloody spear.

Eyes became dull again, without any vitality it was a heroic spirit in human form, of course it was severely mutilated, less than one third of its body was left, and it had been mutilated.

Again this time, it didn t attack again its body shone with luster, and then disappeared from here is t3 good for weight loss shi hao thought hard, immersed in this situation, and never fully came to his senses he.

Alone ancient bamboos that have become climate yellow soup weight loss spring fruit, which has been breakfast ice routine for weight loss grown for more than nine thousand years soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Pill in extremely shady places the great elder once again mentioned a.

Shi hao realized something in weight loss calculator calorie deficit his heart, this is to smash his bones, he needs to go to the top of the mountain to nourish it, okay finally reached the top of the mountain, it is really.

Great opportunity, said an elder of the fairy courtyard many people got up and stopped lingering here, because the tempering of the god of war brand was really unbearable, and it was .

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Fairy cave weight loss in infants after birth underground that has not been opened yet, waiting to be cracked thinking of this, he somewhat understood that this swamp might be connected to the underground fairy cave it s.

Embryo, the original true solution, etc, leaving only the seed, which is still changing, big and small, with chaotic fog this kind of seed can t be evaluated, and he doesn t know its rank.

Together, dragonfinch, devil ape, spider, bat, etc, all kinds of powerful creatures are displayed together, killing shi hao, they are all incomplete heroic spirits chi at Metformin Weight Loss does dna testing help weight loss this soup weight loss are oranges good for weight loss moment, the.

Through the mountain gate and entered at the soup weight loss end of the road, there is a golden gate blocking it, which is formed by the condensed glow of the sun after a long time, when everyone came.

Exploded with the power of the rules, almost destroying the world however, another rule appeared in this place immediately, and the suppressed vajraman rule disappeared, and then began to.

Hold on, even holding the bone charm given by the elder okay, let s go to the immortal hill through the void bridge, and see who can get something if they get something, it will be a.

Of life and soup weight loss death, turned into a bright sun, restrained in the body, is the embodiment of the contraction of the cave click not far .

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soup weight loss

soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Gt, (Dr Oz Keto Pills) does dna testing help weight loss Dr Oz Keto Pills Shark Tank. away, the human shaped dark immortal jin soup weight loss who fell to.

In infinite heaven, he walked through giant cities one after another, and crossed the void with the help of magic circles the great elder didn t let him use the altar of the academy, but.

Most difficult road, and he was different this time, he will use this as the basis for a profound transformation of course, when he walks to the end of the broken road, there is nothing.

Of flying immortal light flashing here, one by one, all the special capcut for weight loss heroic spirits were chopped off, and they did not dare to approach shi hao had known for a long time that this sword.

Kind of confinement, took a deep breath, and swung the big luo sword tire in his hand to strike forward when the sword fetus collided with the spear, and the rays of light between the two.

The road to lore here the fairy Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters soup weight loss energy in shi hao s body surged up, wrapped around his fist, and blasted towards the humanoid dark fairy chi however, at this moment, the human shaped.

Stand on the ground, you can t see it ah on the road, people kept holding their heads and howling, even rolling on the ground, in unbearable pain the students of the two colleges got lost.

Ancient people saw a pair of eyes in the feathered flying fairy, like the infinite way of heaven, huge, staring at themselves is even more human it s very strange, and I can t tell the.

Universe, surpass the tree of ten thousand dao, and the seed of a powerful country is there anyone who succeeded in the immortal soup weight loss ancient era shi hao asked they all failed, or they became.

Hao that he had already prepared most of the essences of heaven and earth, and there were only a few that were missing, waiting for him to pick them himself what else Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters soup weight loss is there shi hao.

Attaching great importance to this seed and, soup weight loss for the first time, he took the initiative to ask in detail, where did he get it shi hao answered seriously, and then said in the past, i.

Front of it, which spreads out of the mountain and leads into the void this is the bridge of the void it is paved with cobblestones, like a small bridge built in the void on the way, shi.

Him the great elder also walked this path, he failed it soup weight loss s just that ordinary losers will either die .

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soup weight loss

does dna testing help weight loss Weight Loss Drink From Shark Tank (Best Weight Loss Pills For Women) soup weight loss IESM. or be abolished, but the great elder still reigns supreme in the world, becoming a.

They may be blown away by the field shi hao frowned, he had also endured the huge force of the field, the 7 day female weight loss diet space was twisting, trying to tear him apart, especially when the bones in his.

Some screamed and fled, some turned into soup weight loss flying ash, and some were defiant and continued to charge forward, trying to sink into his body with a bang, shi hao put on the tattered armor.

Heavens and ten soup weight loss lands the world was silent, shi hao sat down and began to think, then he took out some things and looked down there is an ancient coffin brought up from sanqianzhou, with.

Preciousness of the flawless dao species it is precisely because of this that the great elder read countless ancient books, searched for the experience and wisdom of the predecessors, and.

Thought, and he still doesn t know how to choose in this world, how many invincible treasures can be counted from ancient times to the present the lemon ginger weight loss drink reason why the fairy courtyard can find.

Even get the magical medicine what is an unhealthy weight loss at the specified location, how could he realize the tao boundless sky, vast territory deity academy is in wuliangtian, and that secret realm is also in this.

Moment, his only cave was compressed, and all kinds of treasures around his body were imprinted on it, and finally he continued to suppress it and fully shrank into his body at the end.

Yusheng and the others were even more dissatisfied, and said elder, what s soup weight loss the point of going to the holy court after all the good things have been distributed, what s the point of going.

Da luo immortal sword roared, emitting thousands of sword lights, extremely blazing, fighting fiercely here shi hao s frontal bone has already been broken into an unknown number of.

Moment when soup weight loss he didn t put away the da luo sword embryo, the opponent s taoism was increasing sharply, which was extremely dangerous, a divine light rushed up from his sky spirit cover and.

Help you get the rest, said the great elder hearing this, shi hao took a deep breath, this gift is too heavy, it is all the gods in the world, any of them would make people crazy, but the.

Now he is just groping, the power that erupts is just an instinct in this state if the instinct is controlled and turned on at any time, it will be extremely terrifying and it would be.

Mountain to get close to the oldest evil spirit bamboo the soup weight loss moment he looked back, he saw the vajra clan puppet reorganize, intact again, and then disappear into a boulder and disappear he.

Feet, in an instant, he thought a lot, thought too much boom the human shaped dark fairy gold came, accompanied by the sharpest edge, with a thin metallic glow all over is provitalize good for weight loss his body, and a.

Men of the two houses dissuaded him and wanted to take him away forget it, there are so many talented people there, it s nothing without me, so I ll just stay in deity academy shi hao.

Was fairy gold and so on strictly speaking, he still has a choice, he doesn t have to follow the path of the ancient law, and the present day law is waiting best apple vinegar weight loss ahead he has cultivated the.

Great elder was so domineering, he helped him get it done thank you great elder shi hao gave a big gift seriously the evil resisting divine bamboo and yellow spring fruit are rumored to.

Fossils, they must not move, as if they have existed for hundreds of millions of years so weird behind shi hao s head appeared a circle of divine discs, a group of ancient fire with fairy.

Plant this thing the best herbs for weight loss is a legendary fruit many people think it is impossible to exist, so you can imagine how hard soup weight loss it is to find only these two does gum help weight loss things need to be picked by yourself, and I can.

Could help me find a seed he did have this idea, especially when he saw the great elder fishing just now, and thought that there might soup weight loss be a fairy Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters soup weight loss cave under fitwatch weight loss calculator the academy waiting to be.

Pieces, he did not leave the body, countless heroic spirits rushed to his soul, wanting to occupy it puff the great luo immortal sword pierced into the bodies of those heroic spirits.

Creatures some of them are carrying huge bows, or holding ancient war spears, all of them have powerful weapons, and each of them is like an invincible god of war these people are like.

Could it be possible soup weight loss to bring life to a painting senior, please advise shi hao saluted going further in, all masters from all walks of life will be treated equally no matter how high your.

There has only been one plant since ancient times, and it cannot be found this thing has always been only recorded in history books, and almost no one has seen it since ancient times if.

Otherwise, if you sit through the test of life and death this time, you will probably get lost and eventually perish, the great elder warned this method is not perfect, but it is enough.

Youth afterwards, the great elder sighed and said, don t repeat my tragedy what shi hao was taken aback, his eyes opened wide, staring at the old man with white hair like snow in front of.

Was taken aback, this kind of thing is so complete, maybe there will be memories of the past he held the great luo immortal sword and pointed Shark Tank Weight Loss Texts soup weight loss it at it call there was a strong wind, and.

Front of it, the whole body is covered with golden bricks and stones, very sacred and peaceful, bathed in the morning glow, in the golden light from body to mind, shi hao felt a sense of.

A jade book sealed in it, which was harvested from the ancient ruins of the immortals then, he took out a stone box, which is the most mysterious thing what he got from the deepest part.

They were mad and giggling, and some people were crying and shouting, all of them were monks extra skin from weight loss from the two academies shi hao frowned, he felt all kinds of emotions, those were the.

Happened back then, there are countless heroic spirits here, too many spirits died in battle, and now the remnants stay here, with resentment, wanting to tear everything apart this is.

Can t even pass this test, how can I surpass my predecessors and use my body as my seed shi hao roared, firm in his belief he soup weight loss fought fiercely with this dark fairy gold man, constantly.

Is heaven and earth he felt happy and worried when jue li arrived then, he went on the road again, advancing in the fairy hills, looking for the evil spirit bamboo aww suddenly, a strange.

Was weird, but he still couldn t help shaking his heart, that he could show his power here and avoid such a heroic spirit when at this moment, a heroic spirit suddenly turned into a.

Of the sword entered his body, which was extremely tragic he really didn t expect that he would encounter such a thing when he came here to pick the evil god bamboo, everything was beyond.

Person in the holy courtyard came from behind boom at this moment, the road how much weight loss slim fast trembled violently, everyone saw shi hao swinging his fist, blasting away a layer of golden barrier, he broke.

Can be heard that it is the sound of bones medically guided weight loss breaking, one sound after another, if someone is here, they must be trembling with fear and trembling .

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Keto Weight Loss Pills Shark Tank soup weight loss IESM does dna testing help weight loss Keto Diet Pills Shark Tank. all over shi hao s physical body was.

Brighter soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Pill and brighter the fairy gold man fell to the ground, the crack was terrifying shi hao walked towards that square pool step by step, wanting to step into it, but what he thought.

Better to stay than to be so let s stay in my deity academy for now if we have nothing to teach here, we will send it over the second elder said well, well, someone above has decided that.

Confusion it s not life threatening, maybe a fortune telling and when he saw someone who was hostile to him, he didn t bother to take another look, best online weight loss coaching never stopped, and walked straight.

Light and pounced on the xianjin man it s just that the opponent also has supreme skills, even higher than him, and unparalleled physique this battle is too difficult for shi hao, and it.

Thought that a bamboo can be like this, like opening up invoy weight loss reviews the world, that place can t be approached, the divine light is flying, and the holy glow is transpiring it doesn t look very far.

Roaring leisurely, deafening the ringing of the big bell came from the overwhelming golden morning glow, making people does spiro cause weight loss want to testify here as if enlightened there is an ancient temple in.

Not a single blade of grass grows, separated between shi hao and that stone mountain aww the next moment, something that made one s scalp tingle happened, and best collagen for weight loss 2023 shi hao just stepped in.

Despair soup weight loss there were too many accidents in this journey of searching for medicine, all of which were beyond shi hao s imagination first, it was the brand of the god of war, and then it was.

Beings who are the most powerful in the immortal academy and the holy academy, who have already become the leader level, take action, such as little heavenly king, otherwise no one in the.

Catching, it is exactly the place shi hao was looking for however, if the jade tablet is thrown away, the mountain cannot be seen even if it is in front of the eyes, and it can even be.

It is a forbidden place, and the intruder will be smashed to pieces these are gods of war who have been around for hundreds of millions of years my god, is huang the reincarnation of one.

Enlightenment, and began to have a great experience of enlightenment the difference between heaven and earth, everything came so suddenly the lingering between life and death, the extreme.

Old man sighed softly with a wave of his sleeve, everyone was holding a white bone talisman, the pressure dropped sharply, and they were able to doctors best weight loss protein bars disembark everyone cheered and gathered in.

Injured shi hao was awakened, and he almost died the moment he opened his eyes, he found that he had already walked into the pool the pure white juice, rich in fragrance, burst into his.

Knew arrived, some of the monks from the two houses were in retreat, and some even started to integrate the supreme treasure seed I really didn t expect that this person also came he didn.

Part, shi hao stood at the gate of the academy, saw off those old friends, watched them leave, and sent the most sincere blessings when the chaos is about to break out, this may be the.

Several plants, and the oldest one are deadlifts good for weight loss has never been seen the old farmer said shi hao asked for advice earnestly, asked some more questions, and then strode forward he didn t know how long.

The holy courtyard to change their colors at the same time I didn t expect that the second elder would become an obstacle and stop them here shi hao smiled and said okay, I ll stay in.

Been more tragic, not a duel with a world famous genius, but Shark Tank Weight Loss Texts soup weight loss soup weight loss a fierce battle with a puppet left over from the ancient times, which made him feel complicated next, shi hao climbed the.

Fragments of heroic spirits are .

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  • Can fennel seeds help weight loss
  • Jayce extreme weight loss
  • What causes weight loss during menopause
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soup weight loss One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank, Keto 1500 Shark Tank does dna testing help weight loss Weight Loss On Shark Tank. remnants of consciousness, spiritual imprints left by ancient supreme powerhouses, and may record earth shattering exercises if someone is lucky enough to.

Arrived at the destination a peak pierced into the sky I don t know how high it is it is magnificent and has two large characters engraved on it xianqiu this mountain is very eye.

Unbelievable don t doubt it, his three immortal qi are cultivated by himself, not bestowed by the elders shi hao broke into the mountain gate alone like walking on the ground, shocking.

Suppressing IESM soup weight loss them with a high level this is a huge gap, not a leap of a small class, but a comprehensive control of creatures with the breath of immortality, like a fairy mountain that has.

And he saw the imprint left by that person, containing strands of images someone once succeeded, killed here, tempered the body with the juice from the god pool shi hao raised his head.

Eyes all the bones in his body were shattered by the avenue chain, and then temporarily fused together the golden light shone, the bones transformed, and then became translucent white.

Extinction energy mechanism shi hao wanted to dissolve that dead energy, cut off the ominousness, leaving only the holy however, he felt that the meaning of mystery was gradually hazy and.

Fairy gold puppet is a product of ruthlessness, faithfully guarding the evil god bamboo, without joy, anger, sorrow or joy, walking straight forward, full of murderous aura boom it struck.

Self these are the words of the great elder shi hao soup weight loss was taken does dna testing help weight loss Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work aback, this idea is amazing, using oneself as the seed of taoism, not pretending to be external objects at all, directly.

Kind of power is not soup weight loss at his level, it is too terrifying, maybe .

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soup weight loss Shark Tank Keto Gt, (Dr Oz Keto Pills) does dna testing help weight loss Dr Oz Keto Pills Shark Tank. it will take it away, enter his head, and replace him how many years have passed, how can the remaining heroic spirits still.

Himself, if there is no suitable seed, that s the only way to go however, in cultivating the current world method, various treasures of heaven and earth are needed to mediterranean diet weight loss meal plan break through the.

Bodies and spirits are destroyed however, with shi hao s talent of cultivating the three celestial qi, he can bear it, he can comprehend it here, and let himself blend in naturally boo it.

Hao was immersed in the strange profound realm, his thoughts were surging, he paid attention to the roulette in his body, wandering between life and death, squeezed out his deepest.

Again for ten days, he felt like he was cultivating in hell, but later, his body was in hell, but his mind was detached, and he felt a sense of perfection, and he endured it all shi hao.

More broken the golden bone marrow flowed out, shining brightly there, showing divine aura however, when the pain reached the extreme, shi hao s physical body suddenly stopped trembling.

Jiuyou xie, he has suppressed people .

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soup weight loss One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank, Keto 1500 Shark Tank does dna testing help weight loss Weight Loss On Shark Tank. in the same realm with a sense of suffocation when the monks from the two academies came .

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  • Does Dulcolax Cause Weight Loss
  • Is Oats Overnight Good For Weight Loss
  • Can Itp Cause Weight Loss
  • Are Tomatoes Healthy For Weight Loss
  • Are Stretch Marks Sign Of Weight Loss
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  • Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss
  • Does Gastroparesis Cause Weight Loss

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center soup weight loss Calibrate Weight Loss, does dna testing help weight loss. here, they were naturally led by their respective elders most.

Pressed against the stone wall next to her, and she finally got out of the way, but she almost fell down, bleeding from the corner of her mouth the field here is Metformin Weight Loss does dna testing help weight loss too intense to bear shi.

The bait after fishing for several years the great elder smiled, seeing through his thoughts shi hao was taken aback, it was even rarer than the eight precious tortoises, and the value.

Immortal, making people daunting dark immortal gold shi hao was shocked, there is a metal man here, there is no impurity in the whole body, it is all dark immortal gold too extravagant.

Especially if shi hao wants to find another way and take an unusual path, he needs to be more cautious, fighting for a lifetime I ll show you these and point out a general direction when.

Place is this that can actually kill such a powerful creature from a soup weight loss foreign land and turn it into its own use it is a humanoid creature transformed from immortal gold clang shi hao drew.

Experience is not the same for example, at a critical moment, someone sees a melting furnace, which suddenly appears, refines everything in the world, and endless feathers flutter some.

Praised I have seen the seniors shi hao saluted them hey, little heavenly king and others have insisted on this and tempered their bodies I thought no one in the world could do this it.

All the bricks, stones and tiles of the golden ancient temple are shining, becoming more sacred, peaceful and dazzling and those gods of war sitting cross legged here, men, women and.