Rafaela Jane P. Delfino, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor

Contact(s): rdelfino [at] iesm.upd.edu.ph or rpdelfino [at] up.edu.ph
Educ. Background:
PhD in Meteorology (University of the Philippines Diliman, 07/2023)
PhD in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate (University of Reading, United Kingdom, 01/2023)
MS Environmental Science (University of the Philippines Los Baños, 04/2013)

Head: Climate and High Impact Weather Laboratory (CHI Lab)

Interests & Research ProjectsPublication/JournalsCourses Teaching & Other InformationConferences


  • Climate Science
  • Climate modeling and downscaling
  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Climate Change, Climate Risks and Impacts
  • Extreme / High Impact Weather
  • Climate Variability
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Natural Resources and Watershed Management
  • Ecosystem-based Adaptation
  • Climate Services

On-going Research Projects

  • DOST-PCIEERD funded project on “Analysis of tropical cyclone rapid intensification in the Philippines: its characteristics, impacts, and future projections” –  (on-going… as of Nov 2022)
  • Tropical Cyclones and the Storyline Approach

Journals (Peer-reviewed)

  1. Delfino, R.J.P., Vidale, P.L., Bagtasa, G., and Hodges, K. (2023). Response of damaging tropical cyclone events in the Philippines to climate forcings from selected CMIP6 models using the pseudo global warming technique. Climate Dynamics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00382-023-06742-6
  2. Delfino, R. J., Bagtasa, G., Hodges, K., and Vidale, P. L. (2022). Sensitivity of simulating Typhoon Haiyan (2013) using WRF: the role of cumulus convection, surface flux parameterizations, spectral nudging, and initial and boundary conditions, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci.,22, 3285–3307, https://doi.org/10.5194/nhess-22-3285-2022
  3. Delfino, R.J.P., Hodges, K, Vidale, P.L., and Bagtasa, G. (2022). Sensitivity of tropical cyclone simulations to sea surface and atmospheric temperature forcing: cases from the Philippines. Under review.
  4. Delfino RJP,  Bagtasa, G, Vidale, PLV, and Hodges, K. (2022). Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Major Philippine Tropical Cyclone Events in the Future. Proceedings of the Philippine Meteorological Society. 2022 PMS Annual Convention. Theme: Early Action: Responding to Hydro-Meteorological Challenge under the New Normal. Volume 5, March 2022. ISSN 2599-5537. Philippine Meteorological Society, Inc. https://www.philmetsoc.com/PMS/publications
  5. Daron J, Macadam I, Kanamaru H, Cinco T, Katzfey J, Scannell C, Jones R, Villafuerte M, Cruz F, Narisma G, Delfino RJ, Lasco R, Manalo J, Ares E, Solis A, de Guzman R, Basconcillo J & Tangang J. 2018. Providing future climate projections using multiple models and methods: insights from the Philippines. Climatic Change (2018) 148: 187. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10584-018-2183-5
  6. Cinco TA, de Guzman RG, Ortiz AMD, Delfino RJP, Lasco RD, Hilario FD, Juanillo EL, Barba R and Ares ED. 2016. Observed trends and impacts of tropical cyclones in the Philippines. International Journal of Climatology, 36: 4638–4650. https://doi.org/10.1002/joc.4659
  7. Uy N, Delfino RJP and Shaw R. 2015. Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. IN: I. Uitto J and R Shaw (Eds.) Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Reduction. Disaster Risk Reduction Series. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-4-431-55078-5
  8. Delfino RJP, Carlos CM, David LT, Lasco RD and DEO Juanico. 2015. Perceptions of Typhoon Haiyan affected communities about the resilience and storm protection function of mangrove ecosystems in Leyte and Eastern Samar, Philippines. Climate, Disaster and Development Journal Vol 1, Issue 1.  https://doi.org/10.18783/cddj.v001.i01.a03
  9. Carlos CM, Delfino RJP, David LT, Lasco RD and DEO Juanico. 2015. David LT, Lasco RD and DEO Juanico. Vegetation resistance and regeneration potential of Rhizophora, Sonneratia and Avicennia in the Typhoon Haiyan-affected mangroves in the Philippines: Implications on rehabilitation practices. Climate, Disaster and Development Journal Vol 1, Issue 1. https://doi.org/10.18783/cddj.v001.i01.a01#sthash.BRw8mQkl.dpuf
  10. Lasco RD, Delfino RJP, and Espaldon MLE. 2014. Agroforestry Systems: Helping smallholders adapt to climate risks while mitigating climate change. WIREs Climate Change 2014. https://dx.doi.org/10.1002/wcc.301
  11. Lasco RD, Delfino RJP, Catacutan DC, Simelton ES, and Wilson DM. 2014. Climate risk adaptation by smallholder farmers: the roles of trees and agroforestry. In: Mbow C, Neufeld H, Minang PA, Leudeling E, and Kowero G (eds). Terrestrial systems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 6:83–88. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2013.11.013
  12. Cremaschi DG, Lasco RD and Delfino RJ. 2013. Payments for Watershed Protection Services: Emerging Lessons from the Philippines. Journal of Sustainable Development. 6. (1)P. 90-103. http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/jsd.v6n1p90
  13. Lasco RD, Delfino RJP, Rangasa MC, and FB Pulhin. 2013. The role of local government units in mainstreaming climate change adaptation: the case of Albay, Philippines. In: Mohammed Salih MA, Local Climate Change and Society, Routledge Advances in Climate Research. https://www.routledge.com/Local-Climate-Change-and-Society/Salih/p/book/9780415520379
  14. Lasco RD, Pulhin FB, Sanchez PAJ, Delfino RJP, and Garcia K. 2009. Mainstreaming Climate Change in Developing Countries: The case of the Philippines. Climate and Development Journal; 1 (2009) 130-146.  http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3763/cdev.2009.0009%20

Courses Teaching

  • Env. Sci. 1 (Environment and Society)
  • Meteo 101 (General Meteorology)
  • Meteo 204 (Tropical Meteorology)
  • Meteo 211 (Climatology)
  • Meteo 296 (Graduate Seminar)

Other Relevant Information

Member, Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), UK

Formal Trainings:

  • Research Student Fellow, Institute of Sustainability and
    Peace, United Nations University (UNU), Tokyo, Japan (2010-2011)
  • Space Observations and Sustainability Course, Taiwan Space Union (2022, online)
  • Meteorological Masterclass Series, Royal Meteorological Society (2022, online)
  • Oxford Adaptation Academy, Oxford, United Kingdom (2017)
  • International Training on Ecosystems-Climate Interaction, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2014)
  • 1st World Climate Research Program-CORDEX Science Training and Workshop, Bogor, Indonesia (2014)
  • Training/Workshop on Dynamical Downscaling using Conformal-Cubic Atmospheric Model, DOST-PAGASA, Philippines (2014)
  • Post-Graduate Intensive Course on Building Resilience to Climate Change, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan (2010), 4 credits
  • Practical Training Course on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System; & Technical Training Course on Climate Downscaling (Dynamic and Statistical), UNU, Tokyo, Japan (2010)


  • Potential impacts of climate change on major tropical cyclone events in the Philippines. Philippine Meteorological Society 2022 Virtual Conference. March 2022.
  • Climate change and major damaging tropical cyclone cases in the Philippines. Tropical Hour. Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, United Kingdom. November 2021.
  • Tropical cyclones and climate change in the Philippines: sensitivity of TC cases to warming. Tropical Cyclone Research Group. University of Reading, United Kingdom. July 2021.
  • The influence of global warming on tropical cyclone characteristics and impacts in the Philippines. Quo Vadis 2021. Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, United Kingdom. February 2021.
  • Tropical cyclones and climate change in the Philippines. Philippine Meteorological Society 2020 Virtual Conference. June 2020.
  • Effects of cumulus physics, nudging and air-sea flux parameterizations using ERA5 as initial and boundary conditions on the intensity and trajectory of Typhoon Haiyan (2013). Early Career and Students Virtual Conference. United Kingdom’s Royal Meteorological Society. June 2020
  • Measuring resilience for Adaptation: the case of Leyte after Typhoon Haiyan. Resilience Measurement – MEL Community of Practice (CoP) Workshop, July 2016, Rome, Italy
  • Climate Knowledge Portal for the Philippines: bringing climate information for effective CCA and DRM, 1st WCRP CORDEX Science and Training Workshop in Southeast Asia, 17-20 November 2014 at Citeko Bogor, Indonesia
  • Climate and ecosystems in the Philippines: Observed Trends, Research Gaps and Stakeholder Perspectives, International Conference on Ecosystem-Climate Interaction, 8-20 September 2014, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • Climate change: understanding the consequences for Southeast Asia.. The Politics and Policies of Climate Change and Energy in South East Asia Cambodia, 5– 7 December 2013
  • Evaluation of Statistical Downscaling Model for simulation and downscaling temperature and precipitation in a critical watershed in the Philippines. International Conference on Asian Weather and Climate. 27-29 November 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Ecosystems-based Adaptation in developing countries: Opportunities and Constraints in the Philippines. Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. 18-20 March 2013, Incheon, South Korea
  • Rice production in a changing climate: a case study from the Philippines. Paper presented at the International Workshop on Development Strategies to Adapt for the Natural Disasters due to Climatic Change in Asia. 21 September 2011. Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Rice production in a changing climate: the case of Pantabangan-Carranglan Watershed, Philippines. Paper presented at the National Academy of Science and Technology Round Table Discussion on Water Resources and Climate Change. 16 November 2011. Manila Traders Hotel, Manila, Philippines.
  • Assessing the impacts of climate change on water resources and rice production in Pantabangan-Carranglan Watershed, Philippines, Preliminary Results. Paper presented at the International Conference-Workshop on Traditional Knowledge for Climate and Ecosystems Change, 4th UN-CECAR Conference. 12-16 November 2010, Sri Lanka.
  • Exploring Synergies for Integration: Adaptation to Climate Change and Ecosystem Management.Workshop on synergies between Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change. 1-2 October 2009. CIFOR Campus, Bogor, Indonesia.
  • Air Pollution, Climate Change and Tropical Forest: Exploring the Linkages. Presented at the Sub-workshop 4: Impacts of AQ and CC on Food Production, Biodiversity and Forestry, Better Air Quality (BAQ) Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, 12-14 November 2008.