Olivia Cabrera, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Contact(s): olive@iesm.upd.edu.ph or olive.cabrera@gmail.com
Educ. Background:
Ph.D. Marine Science, University of the Philippines
M.S. in Marine Science, University of the Philippines
B.S. in Biology, University of the Philippines
Head: Sea-Air Interaction Laboratory

Interests & Research ProjectsCourses Teaching & Other InfoPublication
  • Sea-Air-Land Interaction
  • Upper Ocean Dynamics
  • Ocean Circulation
  • Wind and Waves
  • Modeling
  • Wave Exposure Maps
  • Topographic Interactions
  • Ocean Optics
  • Phytoplankton Pigments and Productivity

Current Research Project and Collaboration:

  • Regional Scales of Variability in Precipitation (RSVP) Project
  • Spatiotemporal Distribution and relative abundance of small cetaceans along southern Tañon Strait in relation to environmental factors
  • Benham Rise Potential Productivity Research Project
  • National Assessment for the Coral Reef Environmental (NACRE) Project (Watershed and Ocean Parameters for the Assessment of Coral Reef Health [WOPAC])
  • Coastal Assessment for Rehabilitation Enhancement:Capability Development and Resiliency of EcoSystems (CARE-CaDRES)

Courses Teaching:

  • Env. Sci. 1 (Environment and Society)
  • Env. Sci. 271.1 (Photonic Techniques)
  • Env. Sci. 271 (Principles of Photonic Techniques for Environmental Science)
  • Env. Sci. 297 (Special Topics in Environmental Science)
  • Env. Sci. 299 (Independent Master’s Study)
  • Env. Sci. 399 (Independent Doctoral Stduy)
  • Meteo 201 (Synoptic Meteorology)
  • Meteo 203 (Methods of Analytical Meteorology and Oceanography)
  • Meteo 204 (Tropical Meteorology)
  • Meteo 206 (Hydrometeorology)
  • Meteo 211 (Climatology)
  • Meteo 212 (Climate Monitoring and Prediction)
  • Meteo 213 (Agrometeorology)
  • Meteo 222 (Satellite Meteorology)
  • Meteo 231 (Dynamic Meteorology)
  • Meteo 232 (Advance Dynamic Meteorology)
  • Meteo 233 (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics)
  • Meteo 234 (Numerical Weather Prediction)

Recent Publication:

  • Rodrigo, S.M.T., Villanoy, C.L., Briones, J.C., Bilgera, P.H.T., Cabrera, O.C.C., Narisma, G.T.T., The mapping of storm surge-prone areas and characterizing surge-producing cyclones in Leyte Gulf, Philippines. Natural Hazards (2018) 92: 1305. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11069-018-3252-9
  • J. L. A. Soria, A. D. Switzer, C. L. Villanoy, H M. Fritz, P. H. T. Bilgera, O. C. Cabrera, F. P. Siringan, Y. Yacat-Sta. Maria, R. D. Ramos, and I. Q. Fernandez. 2016: Repeat Storm Surge Disasters of Typhoon Haiyan and Its 1897 Predecessor in the Philippines. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 97, 31–48
  • Cabrera, O.C., C.L. Villanoy, I.D. Alabia, and A.L. Gordon. 2015. Shifts in chlorophyll a off eastern Luzon, Philippines, associated with the North Equatorial Current bifurcation latitude. Oceanography 28(4):46–53, http://dx.doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2015.80 W.Y.Licuanan.
  • M.S. Samson, S.S. Mamauag, L.T. David, R.Borja-Del Rosario, M.C.C. Quibilan, F.P. Siringan, M.Y.Y. Sta Maria, N.B. España, C.L. Villanoy, R.C. Geronimo, O.C. Cabrera, R.J.S. Martinez, P.M. Aliño (2015). I-C-SEA Change: A participatory tool for rapid assessment of vulnerability of tropical coastal communities to climate change impacts. AMBIO A Journal of the Human Environment 06/2015; DOI:10.1007/ s13280-015-0652-x
  • Pullen, J., Gordon, A. L., Flatau, M., Doyle, J. D., Villanoy, C., & Cabrera, O. (2015). Multiscale influences on extreme winter rainfall in the Philippines. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 1–18. doi:10.1002/2014JD022645
  • Cabrera, O. C., C. L. Villanoy, G. S. Jacinto, L. P. C. Bernardo, C. M. Ferrera, I. B. Velasquez, and R. V Azanza (2014), Salt-plug estuarine circulation in Malampaya Sound, Palawan, Philippines, Philipp. Sci. Lett.7(2), 428–437.
  • Villanoy C. L., E. Salamante, O. Cabrera (2013), Chapter 3. Exposure: waves and storm surges. In: MERF, 2013. Vulnerability assessment tools for coastal ecosystems: A Guidebook. Marine Environment and Resources Foundation, Inc. Quezon City, Philippines.
  • Villanoy, C., L. David, O. Cabrera, M. Atrigenio, F. Siringan, P. Aliño, and M. Villaluz (2012), Coral reef ecosystems protect shore from high-energy waves under climate change scenarios, Climatic Change, doi:10.1007/s10584-012-0399-3.
  • Cabrera, O. C., C. L. Villanoy, L. T. David, and A. L. Gordon (2011), Barrier layer control of entrainment and upwelling in the Bohol Sea, Philippines, Oceanography, 24(1), 130–141
  • Villanoy, C. L., O. C. Cabrera, A. Yniguez, M. Camoying, A. De Guzman, L. T. David, and P. Flament (2011), Monsoon-Driven Coastal Upwelling, Oceanography, 24(1), 156–165.
  • Senal, M. I. S., G. S. Jacinto, M. L. San Diego-McGlone, F. Siringan, P. Zamora, L. Soria, M. B. Cardenas, C. Villanoy, and O. Cabrera (2011), Nutrient inputs from submarine groundwater discharge on the Santiago reef flat, Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines., Marine Pollution Bulletin, 63(5-12), 195–200, doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2011.05.037.
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